Honokeana Cove Rental Association
Guidelines for Group Events

Honokeana Cove Resort has a long history of welcoming group events and parties, such as weddings, anniversaries, reaffirming of vows, family reunions and memorial services. Both Hawaiian style and mainland traditional events are customary here. To be compatible with the Cove’s peaceful environment and not disturb other guests, amplified music and speech are not permitted.

Honokeana Cove does not “host” parties, meaning that we don’t have the staff to set them up or cater them. However, the Cove offers a beautiful venue to organize and conduct your own event. If you need professional help, check these links for local service providers: wedding, catering, event planning. Our Rental Office may be able to give additional advice.

Please plan to follow these guidelines:

1. Events occurring in the common area (central lawn and pool) require advance approval by both the Resident Manager (thecovemgr@gmail.com or 808-‭269-6986)‬ and the Rental Manager (office@honokeana-cove.com or 800-237-4948).‬‬‬

2. The guest organizing the event is responsible for setup, catering, cleanup and compliance with house rules. The event must occur between 9 am and 8 pm, with cleanup complete by 9 pm. No amplified music or speech is permitted. A refundable deposit to cover damage and cleanup may be required prior to the event.‬‬‬

3. The majority of the event participants must be guests at Honokeana Cove renting three or more units, for a total of at least nine nights of paid rental.

4. Due to limited space available at the Cove, the total group may not exceed 50 people.

5. Carpooling is encouraged. Parking for one vehicle (7 passenger van or smaller) is provided for each unit rented at the Cove. All other attendees (non-resident guests) must park off property and walk or be shuttled to Honokeana Cove.

6. If the event includes an outdoor social period such as a reception with refreshments, all guests staying at Honokeana Cove must be welcome to join it. Post a notice of invitation on the Rental Office bulletin board, with permission of the rental staff.

7. A guest within a rental unit may pour any beverage into a non-breakable container and bring it onto the lawn. However, any refreshments that are served or provided in the common area must be non-alcoholic. This becomes a civil liability issue covering non-resident guest(s), however a bond can be obtained by the organizer to cover such refreshments.

8. For further information, see https://honokeana.net/weddings-events.

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