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1965: Condos

Honokeana Cove History - 1965 CondosHonokeana Cove History - 1965 CondosHonokeana Cove History - 1965 Condos

In 1965 the owners of the property filed a condominium map, a Horizontal property Regime and a set of Bylaws for the Honokeana Cove Association of Apartment Owners. During 1968 and 1969 they constructed thirty-eight low-rise (two-story) condominiums. When our first owners bought, there were only eight or nine condominium projects in West Maui to choose from.

In the late 1960s Maui building codes were not very restrictive. The Honokeana Cove property sat at the outlet of a gulch and became a river during heavy rainstorms. In order to build on the property, a concrete culvert was installed to handle the rainwater and the bowl-shaped land was filled with about thirteen feet of dirt to create a level plot for the buildings.

The fill dirt was compacted to some extent by the trucks and tractors driving across it but was not totally solidified. For that reason, through the years the buildings settled and became slightly uneven. This was especially true for the two northernmost buildings, the ones constructed over the deepest fill. To correct settlement problems, the buildings were re-leveled periodically. Eventually in 2012 we closed the property, provided new foundations, squared and reinforced those buildings.

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