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Honokeana Cove Specials

A vacation at Honokeana Cove is always a treat — but even sweeter when it costs less!
When you plan your visit to Maui, try to take advantage of these super specials:


Help Maui Recover Now Discount

Valid on all new bookings for nights from October 8 through December 15, 2023! 20% off daily rate (not combinable with other discounts)! Help Maui get back on its feet: click to Book Now!


Long-Stay Discount

10 nights or more: 5% discount

28 nights or more: 10% discount

56 nights or more: 15% discount

How to get the Long Stay Discount Special: It’s automatic, whether you Book Online or directly with the Rental Office.


Low Season, Slow Season

You can also save by visiting Honokeana Cove during “Regular Season,” April 16 to December 15.  Check the Rental Rates page and see that rents are lower during the warm months than during the winter.  Avoid Hawaii’s peak season if you can, and save!

How to get the Low Season Special: It’s automatic, whether you Book online or directly with the Rental Office.