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1969: Vacations

Honokeana Cove History - 1969 VacationsHonokeana Cove History - 1969 VacationsHonokeana Cove History - 1969 Vacations

Honokeana Cove was completed in 1969 and became a vacation destination not only for condominium owners but also their rental guests. If you had picked up an issue of Sunset Magazine in the 1980s, you might have seen an ad for vacations like the one above.

Visitors fall in love with Honokeana Cove, so much so that many of our current owners are the original owners, their children or grandchildren. We have been blessed with many wonderful rental guests and most of our rentals today are with repeat visitors.

How do people find Honokeana Cove? Overwhelmingly, by word of mouth from happy vacationers. And today through the Internet, from our website honokeana.net, from TripAdvisor.com, from VRBO.com and many other sites. Once they find the Cove they fall in love with the turtles, the rainbows and the staff who make visits so special and relaxing.

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