Design Credit

Honokeana Cove - Design Credit

Design Credit

The circular “Honokeana Cove” logo was re-designed by Rental Manager Su Campos
in 1993 for Honokeana Cove Rental Association; she also provided much of the content
for the website.

The Association’s first website was created and implemented by Sheridan Bentson; it provided the foundation for the current website design.

The design concept for the current website was provided by Mike Bell, an independent graphic design professional. Additional design guidance was provided by Sheridan Bentson, Janelle Koester, Brad Daane and Erika White.

The site was implemented in WordPress by Art Chester and Phil Wolken on behalf of Honokeana Cove Rental Association LLC.

We are grateful to owners and guests for lending their beautiful photos of Honokeana Cove. The photographer’s name often appears in brackets in the photo title or within the image. For the home page slideshow we are happy to acknowledge the courtesy of these photographers: Brad Daane for the site panorama and sunset photos; Anne Schillings for the turtle photo; and Sam Hertica for the aerial photo of Honokeana Cove condominiums. Many photos, videos & virtual tours in the unit descriptions were created by photographers David Lower and Gemma Rose. Check out the great work by these professionals!