Driving Directions

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Driving Directions

The following driving directions assume that you picked up your rental car from one of the major car rental agencies at Kahului Airport. The route is shown on the image below, courtesy of Google Maps. It circles the West Maui mountains in a clockwise direction and passes the town of Lahaina on its way to Honokeana Cove. You may click the image for a higher-resolution version.

Driving route to Honokeana Cove

Ask the car rental counter for one of their map books, and for how to get on Highway HI-380 (Kuihelani Hwy) / Dairy Road going toward Lahaina. The directions below take you along Dairy Road, which passes through Kahului before joining Kuihelani Hwy.

Alamo, Avis, Budget, Enterprise, Hertz, National are all located just west of the airport. As you leave their car rental office you will be on Keolani Place.

Head southwest on Keolani Place toward Palapala Drive for about 0.8 or 0.9 miles.

You are now at an intersection with a traffic light.

Continue through the intersection. You are now on Highway HI-380. This portion of the highway is called Dairy Road. Continue for 0.8 miles.

Get in the right-hand lane as you approach a large intersection with a traffic light. There will be a sign to turn right toward Lahaina. Turn right. You will still be on Highway HI-380, but now you have been joined by the traffic coming along Airport Road. This part of Hwy HI-380 is called Kuihelani Highway. Continue for 5.5 miles.

You will arrive at a T-intersection with a traffic light. Use either lane to turn left onto Highway HI-30, southbound. The right lane will disappear, so be prepared for a merge. Continue on HI-30 for 12.3 miles. During the last quarter-mile the road will turn inland, away from the ocean.

Continue straight through the intersection. You are now on Highway HI-3000, the Lahaina Bypass. This highway was built just for you, to make your visit easier by bypassing the heaviest Lahaina traffic, and by bypassing a frequently flooded portion of the coastal road. Continue 4.8 miles on the Bypass.

The road turns left and you are now on Keawe Street. Continue 0.2 miles and you will approach an intersection with traffic lights. The road crossing you is HI-30, here called Honoapi’ilani Highway. It is a continuation of the highway you took around the West Maui Mountains.

You now have a decision to make. Just in front of you is the Lahaina Cannery Mall, a large shopping center. This center has Long’s Drug Store (which is actually a CVS drug store). It also has Safeway, a relatively well-stocked supermarket and possibly the only 24-hour market near Honokeana Cove. If you want to stock up your supplies, you may wish to go straight through the intersection for Long’s, or turn right and then turn left at the next traffic light for Safeway.

These directions assume that you turned right at the intersection, completed any shopping center business, and are now back on the highway.

Continue 7.5 miles on HI-30 through several traffic lights.

As you approach 7.5 miles you will be coming up a hill to a traffic light. On the right is a marker for Mile 29 on the highway. On your left is the Napili Plaza shopping center.

At the light, turn left onto Napilihau Street, toward the ocean. Proceed 0.3 miles.

You will come to a T-intersection with a stop sign. Turn right onto Lower Honoapi’ilani Road. This is the coastal road serving the areas of Honokowai, Kahana, Napili and Kapalua. Honokeana Cove is located in Napili.

After you turn right, proceed 0.3 miles. You will pass only one street on the left, which is Papaua Place. Just after that, the road bends to the left and the Honokeana Cove driveway is right there on your left. Look for the wood Honokeana Cove sign with white lettering and a circular logo. At night the sign is lit and there are also tiki-style lamps on either side of the driveway.

Honokeana Cove, sign at driveway

You may park in any space without a sign.

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