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1600: Chief Pi’ilani

Honokeana Cove History - 1600 Chief Pi'ilani

Maui-Loa’s descendant King Pi’ilani the Great was born around 1545 and is associated with the Golden Age of Maui. One of the poetic names used for the island of Maui is Na Hono a Pi’ilani, the fields of Pi’ilani.

Generally, the word “hono” means “bay” or “valley” so that Honoapi’ilani is also rendered as “the bays acquired by Chief Pi’ilani.” Those six bays all lie along Lower Honoapi’ilani Road and from south to north they are Honokowai, Honokeana, Honokahua, Honolua, Honokohau and Hononana.

“Keana” in Hawaiian means “cave.” Thus “Honokeana” means “Cave Bay” or “Cave Cove.” It is so named because of the shallow recesses in the rocky cliffs on its north and south shores.

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